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It’s hard to believe fall is here already and the holidays are just around the corner.  It seems, for me at least, that the years seem to go by faster and faster each year.  With fall upon us, it marks the time for a busy month of October.  The IBEA Fall Conference is rapidly approaching on Sunday, October 22nd and Monday, October 23rd.  The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Urbandale, Iowa.  This location is the same as last year’s conference.

It continues to be a great time to be a business teacher in Iowa with so many opportunities for us as educators, which translates to more opportunities for success for our students.  Did you know that MBA Research provides many resources free of charge to Iowa Educators?  Check out the various MBA sites at and request a free login today!  MBA Research will have several presentation opportunities at the IBEA Conference that you can choose from.  Their presentations will be through the internet and a video conference format.

There will be a few pre-conference opportunities for participants as well.  One of those opportunities will be to take an ASK Certification Test.  Hopefully by now many have had a chance to take one or more of these certification tests, but if not the IBEA Fall Conference will be another opportunity.  We welcome all to take all of the exams as they see fit and as long as there are vouchers available.  

Andrew Thonstad from Akron-Westfield Schools has been elected as the new President of IBEA, and he has assembled a fine group to help plan the 2017 IBEA Fall Conference.   It takes many people to get a conference of this magnitude off the ground.  We really want our conference to be a very worthwhile event and also offer something for everyone.

We are looking for a new President-Elect as we move forward into 2018.  If you are interested in assuming a leadership role in IBEA or know of someone who is, please contact any member of the IBEA Executive Board.

In conclusion, it is high time we promote our great business programs across the state of Iowa to everyone, including all of our stakeholders.  With legislative changes underway and budget cutbacks imminent, it is more important than ever before to “toot our horns” loudly about what we do for our students.  One fear many have expressed is that when business teachers retire, programs may be discontinued.  As such, we need outstanding new teachers in the pipeline to perpetuate our lineage of outstanding business programs across the country and the state of Iowa.

Please get involved in IBEA—you can help us promote the importance of IBEA and MBA Research.  Please contact any of the Iowa Business Leadership Team Members, any iBELT Team member, Kelli Diemer from the Department of Education, or myself.  It is going to take all of us working together to move our Business programs forward, not only in the upcoming years but in the next decade as well.

Kyle Van Ausdall
IBEA President

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