2017 Professional Development Opportunities

IBEA and Business/Marketing Program
Management Committee

Click here to open Session descriptions, locations, and dates:

To register for workshops, go to: https://docs.google.com/a/ames.k12.ia.us/forms/d/1kDD8SeW6JCBPep6xvDIhqI69q_dwT-uOZA46hepbwn8/e dit

Registration fees:

    1. IBEA members - $25.00 per workshop
    2. Non-Member - $50.00 per workshop
    3. IT Academy members - $25 per MOS workshop
    4. Non-member - $50 per MOS workshop


*You may join IBEA at www.ibeaonline.org/membership ($30 annual membership fee).

UNI Credit will be offered for $75 ~ Click below to register prior to attending the workshop:


Download Grad Credit Assigment (due 10 days after completion of the workshop):

Graduate Credit Assignment 17

Registration fee may be paid by:

  1. PayPal (find link at www.ibeaonline.org/2017_summer_workshops)
  2. Check to Rhonda Schmaltz, IBEA Summer Workshop Coordinator, 2303 Hayes Avenue, Ames, IA 50010


Registration Options



Pre-workshop survey. The link is: 



Post-workshop survey. The link is: